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For years and years people have had to deal with the hassle of using video tapes.  They have to be organized and changed regularly. It is almost like another person has to be there just to handle this cumbersome task very day.

FME, Inc. has developed technology that will take your cameras, and archive them digitally.  When you buy a FME, 999 security server system  and connect it to the net, all you have to do is sign up for our digital archiving service and we do the rest!  Want an example of our digital archiving?  No problem. We do for you the LINK, and enter the username: GUEST and password: GUEST.  This will allow you to watch our office cams that are archived though out the entire day! Please e.mail us webmaster@fmeusa.com 

Want to review a selected time period of your choice?  No problem.  FME, Inc. also provides digital archiving.  That's right, we can digitally archive your stores.  We have dedicated servers that collect images from your video server 24 hours a day and store them on our massive storages devices.  All you have to do is log in, and put in the time, and the computers play back to you in motion your videos!



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Our main emphasis is always stability. Lab testing is conducted by engineers to ensure stability of the system. FME's digital surveillance systems have been installed in places where high level of security is demanded. Submit your site to us if you are using our system. We are now collecting successful websites.

Wide Range Selection
You can always choose a model that is best suitable for you. Models range from home user
s to professional
s. Don't spend extra money on features you don't need.

We keep our eyes very closely to the market. We are confident that our price is the most competitive in the market.



FME's digital surveillance system offers digital recording, remote camera viewing access, video archiving, and multi-camera display. Other features include password protection, schedule or motion detection recording, and auto dial out to mobile phones. Check with your sales today for features you are looking for.

Support PTZ Cameras
Our system supports PTZ cameras includes the following models: Canon VCC3, VCC4, Ademco (Jupiter Microsphere domes), and Pelco (Spectra series) as well as embedded Control panel.

Support Alarm and Sensor
With additional purchase , you can integrate alarm and sensor to the system as well as embedded Control Panel.



Wavelet +MPEG 4 recording     
Digital Watermark
High quality 640 x 480 display (recording feature with restrictions)
And More!

Future Features in V5.x
Remote Playback
Audio Recording
Real Time Display.
System Requirement


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