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Notebook Computers

5660 Series
Pentium4 Processor
From $1995

8886 Series
Pentium 4 Processor
From $2200


5650 Series
Pentium 4
From $1695
6160 Series
From $1445

2720 Series
Pentium 4
From $1345
Windows  98Second Edition Full Version
Windows2000 Full Version
Windows ME Full Version
Windows XP Full Version
English & Japanese


Windows 2000 Pro

* This configuration is presented for your convenience only. It is available for purchase or lease by US customers who take delivery in the US. Prices, monthly lease payments, and Purchase Plan payments are subject to change without notice and DO NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING CHARGES OR APPLICABLE TAXES. Prices have been rounded to the nearest dollar for online display. Final order amounts, including tax and shipping and reflecting non-rounded prices will be communicated following receipt of your online order. FME, Inc. will not be responsible for typographical or other errors or omissions regarding prices or other information. All sales are subject to FME,Inc.'s Term and Conditions of Sale.

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